CentreREADY™ is a collaborative worker certification initiative designed to build a better local workforce; one that best matches Centre County employers with employees who possess the desired core skills and competencies.


An outgrowth of the CBICC’s Business and Industry Partnership CommitteeCentreREADY™ recognizes that business success and growth depend on employers’ access to a quality workforce.


Individuals that earn the CentreREADY™ designation have learned about and demonstrated an understanding of the essential 21st century workforce skills that local employers find most essential in their employees. The CentreREADY™ seal of approval from the CBICC and its educational and community partners indicates that these prospective employees have achieved a desired level of proficiency in six core attributes: work ethic; tactfulness/manners; team work; communication; critical thinking/problem solving; understanding supervision/world of work.

Attributes of a CentreREADY™ worker

Work Ethic

Ability to be punctual and productive, and to effectively manage time; taking pride in
work product and a job well done.

Tactfulness/ Manners

Ability to treat people with respect, courtesy, and consideration, especially in difficult
situations; exhibiting emotional maturity.

Team Work

Ability to build relationships with colleagues and customers with diverse viewpoints,
apply individual skills toward a common goal, and balance individual needs with the
organizational need to perform as a unit.


Ability to articulate thoughts or ideas clearly, succinctly, effectively, and appropriately.

Critical Thinking/ Problem Solving

Ability to exercise sounds reasoning when analyzing issues, making decisions and
overcoming problems as they arise.

Understanding Supervision/ World of Work

Ability to respect and understand the organizational mission, ‘chain of command’
within the workplace, and accept final decisions made by supervisors.

A signed CentreREADY™ Memorandum of Agreement between the CBICC and its educational partners formalized the initiative. The MOA outlines implementation procedures and expectations for this durable workforce preparedness initiative.

Read the Workforce Development Memorandum of Agreement.

Frequently Asked Questions

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